I’m Coming!

It rained very heavily today, just like yesterday but it didn’t dampen my mood. I am so happy today I came home and danced like a ballerina. You know..two hands up, do a graceful turn, with a smile. Yea! That’s how happy I AM!

Would have to put off the house-cleaning part until I come back because I’ve spent too much time at work that I come home feeling tired everyday that lifting up a broom after that is a very difficult chore. Yesterday I managed to get 2 rounds of laundry completed. Bedsheet changed. Well at least, the decorations are up so I’m not feeling too bad about leaving my house feeling very crappy about itself. Although I’m only going to be in this house a few days during the 15-day Chinese New Year period, I still feel the need to “create” the Chinese New Year mood. You know..you always hear people saying there’s no Chinese New Year mood. I don’t really care about other people creating the mood for me. I create them myself. Decorate the house. Listen to Chinese New Year songs. Go the mall, catch some lion dance performance, catch some acrobatic shows (they’re awesome!), go shopping, look at Chinese New Year ornaments, gift package, cookies. You don’t have to buy them, just looking at them give you the mood. Buy a cheongsam. Just buy something new lah! Works for me!

The best part is going home. Ducky won’t be following me this time around. She has a friend here now, Bebeki. Haha. They can play with each other. Iris won’t be coming back so I will be playing myself at home in Sandakan. Actually I think my parents are more excited than me. Pappy will be flying back from KK tomorrow…he tried to match to fly back on the same day as me.

From tomorrow onwards, I’ll be blogging from another PC, across the South China Sea. 🙂


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