Day 3: House Visiting

Visited a friend today. We went to the same primary school and secondary school. I used to spend weekends at her house just chatting away when we were still in school. We also share food while she’s on duty as a school prefect in primary school and I would stand next to her, sharing with her the food Mummy prepared for me. I miss those times.

Met another few friends who used to be girl guides just like me and it was funny listening to one of them talking about the perils of her working life.

In fact, whenever I come back to Sandakan. It relives all my wonderful memories of my childhood. And each time I come back, my mind would always start to think about coming back for good.

I have many thoughts this time around.

Firstly, friends…they are hard to keep. Some friends of mine make it hard because they just don’t want to be dated out for a drink. For some reason, I just don’t understand why. So I only have a few that I truly cherish our friendship. In cases like this, I have no choice but to expand my network by getting to know new people else it’s really sad because each passing CNY, more and more friends just start to disappear. It’s like they are no longer interested to keep in touch.

Many of my friends are still single even though there are some that are married and about to get married. I’ve always thought I’m the odd one out but it seems like a normal thing of still being single and available. We are all worried, especially being ladies so we must strive harder to get noticed!

Coming back home, I’ve also put in some serious thought of really working towards things I’ve planned to do but just don’t have that commitment to accomplish it. It’s always about not having enough time. Like I said before, I want to do something substantial this year and I MUST do it this time.

So you see…it’s a good thing to come home at least once a year…I look at things at a different perspective and going back to KL, I’ll feel refreshed and recharged, ready to take on the world again.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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