Day 7: Tossing for Good Luck

Today is one of the most action-packed day of my CNY in Sandakan.

Woke up early in the morning to go to the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sepilok. It’s nice to break away and indulge in the greenness! I totally love the feeling of walking in the forest. There were many kinds of plants that you can see here. Most of them are labelled. You get to see big big trees. Tall tall trees. Majestic!

There is a suspension bridge, a canopy walk and a tower. It’s like you’re walking on the forest when you are walking along the canopy walk. Didn’t get to go on the suspension bridge because Mummy was already tired of walking.

Heard from the workers there that talked to Pappy that Sultan of Brunei will be visiting this place. You can see the Brunei flags being raised along the lamp post so I guess it’s true. Prince Philip will be coming here to in March if not mistaken. Cool, isn’t it?

This Rainforest Discovery Centre is well-maintained. There is also an air-conditioned room that showcases the kinds of forests that exists on Mother Earth, how forest preservation works and other educational and informative facts of our forest.

Came home and slept like I haven’t slept in 10 days because I had a late night yesterday and forced myself to wake up early to go to the wilderness this morning. After 1 hour plus or more of walking in the forest, it just sapped the energy out of me.

In the evening, went to have ice cream with Mummy at Vedablu and on our way there, we saw a lion dance troupe waiting to perform at another cafe so we opted to sit outside of the ice cream outlet that we were going so that we can hop off easily once we hear the sound of the drums! It was Mummy’s idea so looks like she’s more excited than I am!

This is my 2nd lion dance performance that I get to see here. Chances of me meeting one this year is little because of the rain and because I don’t have a car that I can drive myself to hunt for them. Haha! So…at least today I saw one even though it’s not the melompat-lompat kind but the kopek limau kind. Boleh juga lah.

For dinner, we tossed for good luck. Usually I’ll go dinner with my family and we’ll have yee sang on the 7th day of CNY because it’s everyone’s birthday today for the Chinese.

Tomorrow I’m going to spend my last day in Sandakan before I head back to Kuala Lumpur day after tomorrow.

Do you know that Chinese New Year 2010 (next year) falls on 14 February. That’s Valentine’s Day and first day of CNY! Awesome, isn’t it? I was looking at the calendar and already wanting to plan the dates of when I should come back to Sandakan for my next CNY. 😀

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