Day 9: Jade Emperor’s Birthday

I don’t know why I go post yesterday as Jade Emperor’s Birthday. Maybe because everyone was praying last night so my mind also sot already. Correction to the title of yesterday’s post.

Today is the day I flew back to KL. Air Asia’s aircraft is very cold and their landing has always been perfect. It’s good to be back even though I kept lamenting how sad I am to leave Sandakan. Like I said, I feel recharged this time, my mind is clearer and so I feel more in control of myself than before. It might change entirely after I start work and get drowned in the workload but let’s just hope I get to steer myself properly this time. Even if drown also I will get to keep myself afloat after that.

Did the usual thing when I come home. Open all the windows. Water the plants (they have been very thirsty for about 13 days..I am glad they are not dead). Kiss Ducky and Bebeki. They smell like they’ve not been kissed for a long time. EAT! (Mummy fried some rice for me so that I can eat after I reach KL and so I came home and had lunch at 3pm). I look around the house and I just love this house.  Went out to pump petrol, pump air and went for facial. hehe

Time is very precious to me now so whenever I have free time, I’ll slot in a facial session else it’s hard to slot myself in during working days. Face is so red now, I hope the redness fades by tomorrow morning.

I’m listening to CNY songs again now and selecting photos to be edited and uploaded for your viewing pleasure if you can see me in Facebook of course.

Tomorrow 4 February is ??  (Li Chun), the beginning of Spring and I’m starting work on the this day itself. I read somewhere that it’s the worst day to start work  if you are born in the year of the Dog…but I don’t really have a choice but to start work tomorrow. I will ignore it and stick to my belief that starting work on the beginning of Spring would mean a start of a new life and new hope! must think positive ma! correct or not?

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