Day 15: Happy Chap Goh Meh

It’s the last day and it’s about to come to an end. OH CHINESE NEW YEAR, I MISS YOU AND TILL I SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR!

Every year when it’s chap goh meh, I will feel a bit emotional. I don’t want CNY to end. When it ends, I’d have to pick up the pieces again. Un-decorate the house. Some sort like after CNY, the world will be harsher.

Went to Cyberjaya today to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch. I went back to my previous workplace too, sat on my desk (now occupied by an ex-colleague but she didn’t come to work today). Sometimes I miss this place due to its relaxing nature of work. Sometimes it gets busy but it’s manageable and it comes with no stress. Everyday I go to work like I’m not going to work. It’s like my daily routine, a part of my life. After work, I come home and I’ve never had the need to think about work when I’m home or during the weekends. I rarely have any Monday blues..and even if I colleagues will cure it for me. We can have our daily tea time at the pantry and yet still managed to finish up our work ahead of time.

Will I ever get to find a place like that in the future? I’m not very sure. But I’m certain that I want a change now. I think life is too short to be working sadly. The journey ahead will be tough and I’ll need to persevere before I even see a light but I’m prepared for that. I might even consider changing job scope or changing fields, when I’m pushed to a corner and feel sick and fed up of everything. Previously, I used to think that climbing the corporate ladder is important. Now I can tell you, I don’t feel like climbing the corporate ladder at all. I just want to be able to do my work well, be confident with my knowledge and areas of expertise and continuously making sure I’m learning everyday. I just want to be someone’s wife and some adorable children’s mother.

I want to be happy with what I do and how I live. And to do that, I need to set my direction of how I want to live it and paint it with as many colours as possible.

It’s another hour before Chinese New Year comes to an end but it’ll be the beginning of a fruitful year I hope.

Have a good day at work tomorrow.

I love you.

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  • silent_one says:

    For the work part, I feel exactly the same. Yes, life is definitely too short to work sadly, but remember to look before you jump. Every jump is crucial 🙂

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