Don’t Cry Out Loud

Dear Ducky,

This is going to be quite deep. If you are prepared for a plunge into the ocean without a proper oxygen mask, plunge your eyes further.

Yesterday’s happiness doesn’t guarantee today’s happiness because today I was quite sad. A little frustrated. Yet trying to remain calm and composed. In the end, I had to let myself go so I was behind the wheels and the tears streamed small amount. It was like coincident or something, the radio was playing “Don’t Cry Out Loud”. It goes like this…Don’t cry out loud…just keep it inside and learn how to hide your feelings. Then I just kept driving forward, like very focused like that. So I know I’m not too depressed yet but neither am I very happy.

I don’t know if I’m brave or ignorant but I did something today in which I wasn’t very confident about but I carried it with as much confidence and positiveness that I can pump within me. In the end, I can say I failed but maybe I did not because no one said I failed but the feeling that I have with me is I don’t have a good feeling about it and with that, I’m not putting high hopes and I’ve allowed myself time to just absorbed whatever sadness I have that’s remained and then I want to move on.

This is not my first time facing such situation but it is never easy or pleasant to face such situation even if you have experienced in going through this. Don’t think this is the worst so I should take it as an experience or process that I’d have to go through.

Preparing for the next and I know I can do better than this.


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  • Mousy says:

    Don’t give up! Gambate! You can do it bunny! I support you all the way! Look on the bright side and be positive!

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