A New Place

Dear Ducky,

Today it feels like the first day of school. Yup, I’ve started doing something new in a new place. All is well so far. I need to work on my confidence a little, pump up some self-esteem (it’s there, just hidden), make more friends. From what I see, I got to be the ice-breaker now and the initiator, else it’s just not going to go anywhere. I will do it and I know I can do it.

Being here reminds me of my first working place. The environment and the seating arrangement. The culture and etc. I think I will do fine here.

One thing’s for sure. I need to dress UP! People here dress very smartly. So now I have to have a daily/weekly plan on what to wear everyday.

Ok lor Ducky, I need to sleep early tonight because it’s going to be my second day of school tomorrow.

Loving You,


  • Tien Soon says:

    All the best in your pursue for another journey in life. At least, you’re brave to make changes and adapt to changes. Sounds easy, but not something that everyone is comfortable doing 🙂

  • Grace says:

    Thank you Tien Soon. Yea..the adjusting part is hard.

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