Switch Off!

Did you switch off the lights for an hour last night?

I did.

And I was out for dinner with Pappy. We had Japanese food.

I’ve also been sleeping with the fan for 2 weeks now. It started when I was coughing a few weeks back and I was feeling very cold with the fever and felt very uncomfortable sleeping with the air-con. So there was one night, I decided to just sleep without the fan because I was so freaking cold la ..I don’t know why. Then when the fever subsided, I slept with the fan and since then, I’m sticking to the fan.

Guess it’s good for my skin too, doesn’t get dehydrated too easily. I’m in the air-con in the office too so it’s better to sleep with the fan at night. The only downside is I’ve got to get up, keep the windows shut when it really rains in the middle of the night because when the wind gets very strong, the door makes noise too. And I also have to put up with the restaurant closing at 12 midnight that is if I’m awake. Usually I’m in a deep sleep so whatever noises that comes after that doesn’t bother me at all.

The major distraction would be the 6am bird calling. There’s this particular bird I don’t have a name for it because I don’t have an idea of how it looks like. But if I hear it making noises, I’ll know that’s the bird I’m talking about. It lets out a very sexy, screaming kind of noise as early as 6 and when it does that, usually it wakes me up and you can hear me say, “Oh that bird again!” then I’ll need to bear with the noise as I continue with my sleep….on and off kind of sleep.

I know the bird makes noises even when I sleep with the air-con on but it’s very obvious with the air-con off and the windows open. Like amplified to my ears.

My skin is getting better. Not silky smooth but it’s better compared to weeks before. I’ve changed from the oil-control, combination skin set to a combination skin, hydrating set. I’ve always thought my skin is the oily kind so that’s why I always use the non-oily products and every night I apply blemishes cream on the pimples.

Surprisingly, the pimples are not really pimples. They appear because the skin is too dry. When it’s too dry, it produces its own oil/sebum so that’s why I was deceived by my own skin into thinking my face is oily. And I was thinking if I switched to a hydrating skincare, it would get oilier but no….it works really well now. Hoping to see more improvement.

I think that aside, other factors attributes to this too. Maybe I’m happier now. There’s stress still of course but it’s the kind of stress that doesn’t kill me or pull me down, the kind that pushes me to go further, pushes me to do better. For the first time in a very long time, I see life a little different now.

I actually have the mood and motivation to choose¬† and plan what I would want to wear to work every day. I want to look good. I make sure my skin keeps improving. I’m training myself to be more confident. I’m learning new stuff and I get to interact with more people now. I get to communicate with foreigners now too so the way I talk/write to them is different too. I’m slowly picking up the art to write very politely and courteously. At times, you surprise yourself by doing something you didn’t know you can do.

I’m actually very happy that at this point of time, I’m here. It wasn’t all pleasant before this but I’m really glad that I’m here now. Maybe it was a process I had to go through to get here. And in every places I’ve worked, there would always be something I can bring and apply here. May not be very obvious but you can feel it yourself.

Hungry la..till then!

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