Grocery Shopping

I love grocery shopping.

I love the idea of being in a supermarket even when there’s nothing in particular that I want to buy.

Went grocery shopping with mummy today. Yea, we were lovey-dovey today. Even can kiss if we wanted to.

And I just do not want to look at my credit card bills. Last month’s enough to kill me. This month’s should be equally killing. Mummy’s credit card has expired since last month so I’ve been acting like a second husband of hers…sign, sign and sign. My salary just came in and out just like that. Feels like I didn’t get any salary this month because I had to pay the bills.*sob sob*

She’s got double presents for Mother’s Day this year. A skin care set and a blender-grinder-juicer-cutter machine. She’s so obsessed with it that she’s been looking at the demo by this guy for 3 times on different days whenever we go to the shopping mall that the salesman can recognise her. He must be thinking this lady is SO IN LOVE with the cute product that he’s selling. You cannot let my mum see any wonderful products on cookery, she’ll go very obsessed one. She can have a collection of cookers and still feel she hasn’t got any. Scary or  not?


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