Sunday Mornings

I’ve just submitted my income tax form. E-filing is a breeze. The form is much simpler compared to the previous years.

Woke up early in the morning because I suggested to go walk in the park in the morning as compared to in the evening as what we usually do. Mornings are nicer you know? With more people. With the fresher air.

There was a line dance session when we were there and Mummy and I joined in. They did some hindustan moves. Very fun! Have not sweated so much for so long.

We then went to The Curve. While waiting for Mummy to get her facial done, I was at The Borders, trying to keep myself awake with a book. It wasn’t because the book was boring but I was just plain tired from the workout in the morning. I had to lay my head next to the pillar while I sat on the bench and tried my best to finish at least one chapter of the book I was reading.

It’s that time of the month so I was feeling a little chilly and a little grumpy due to the chill and the uneasiness. No pain, which is good.

Just a sidenote, my future child or children will have their teeth monitored from time to time so that they don’t have to suffer from putting on braces like me.


  • zewt says:

    wow… u went to read a book to keep yourself awake? i fall asleep most of the time if i pick up a book 🙂

  • Grace says:

    There was nothing to do except to read. Allowing myself to go lurking around the mall spells danger to the purse. I need to keep it safe. 😛 So reading a book would keep me stranded in the bookstore while I wait for my mum.

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