Trip to Kuantan

I’m sleepy and I’m very tired but I LOVED my weekend. It was just so awesome.

Went on a 2-night trip to Kuantan with my ex-colleagues, whom I refer them now as my friends. One of them is born and bred in Kuantan which was why and how the idea of this trip came about. I’ve never been to Kuantan myself and I really like outing like this with friends so on Friday, we left KL after work and because there was a stupid roadblock along the KL-Karak highway, we reached Kuantan at almost 2am.

We put up at a home stay facility which costs only RM20 per person. The room comes with an attached bathroom, a water heater, aircon, TV and a DVD Player. This, to me is better than staying in a hotel. The 3 of us shared the room which is fit for 4 persons.

The next morning we had Curry Mee at Restauran/Kedai Kopi Hoi Yin, near Teluk Cempedak. Then, dropped by Teluk Cempedak to enjoy some sunshine and enjoy the seaview. Next, we went to Berjaya Megamall just to jalan-jalan while waiting for my friend’s friend who will be acting as our tour guide throughout our stay in Kuantan.

We then drove to Kemaman to meet up with him. A very nice guy. Very friendly and quite good looking. Each time I see a guy like that, my heart gets a bit messed up, especially when you know he’s single. I don’t want to elaborate on this because it can mean something temporary, just a sudden good impression about someone that would linger on for a day or two.

Kemaman is in Terengganu so I was very excited to know I was actually setting foot on 2 states in a day. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Kuantan, which isn’t too far.

Had lunch at Tong Juan Restaurant which serves stuffed crab and followed immediately with a yamcha session at at Hai Peng Kopitiam. My stomach started to act cranky, probably because of the spicy curry mee that I had in the morning. Sometimes my stomach withstands spicy food, sometimes it gives way. But I was alright after letting it out…but I was careful with whatever I ate after that.

Because why? After that yamcha session, we were then brought to another place to have satar and otok-otok. It’s something like otak-otak but they name it differently here. I took a small bite just to get a taste of it while the other savoured in full contentment. Didn’t want to upset my stomach further.

Headed to Cherating just to see what Cherating is all about and then went to my friend’s house to have dinner. Her father insisted on cooking dinner for us. How very nice!

And the eating session didn’t just end there. We went back to our rented place for a refreshing bath and then came out again to have seafood. I know….we sound like we’ve not eaten in 10 years.

Finally our day ended at about 12 midnight and the best part is we have to wake up at 3:30am the next day because we’re going to Sungai Lembing to climb Bukit Panaroma and enjoy the sunrise.

The torturing part is I’m already up ay 2:30am and I couldn’t sleep again so…I only had 2 hours of sleep before I had to get prepared to depart to Sungai Lembing from Kuantan, which is also around 45 minutes away. It was still pitch dark but there was already a crowd starting to climb the hill. I’ve never sweated so much in a long time. I was so happy to smell my sweat.

Took us about 45 minutes to climb up but the sunrise was blocked by the clouds so we didn’t actually get to see sunrise. Climbed down the hill, this time very much faster because it’s bright and we wouldn’t need to depend on our torchlights anymore.

Went to have breakfast at the foot of the hill for the famous noodles, white taufu, roast pork (so awesome, I can die but because I was already stuffed with the noodles before that, I couldn’t have more of it)

Continued our adventure in Sungai Lembing by crossing the suspension bridge and walking along the village in Sungai Lembing. I tell you, I love this place. It’s so kampung, so classic, so authentic….I just love watching the wooden houses. I wouldn’t mind spending a night here at one of the homestay or resort.

Because all of us had only a minimum of 1 hour sleep and a maximum of 2 hours sleep, we were totally feeling flat by 9am. Headed back to Kuantan, showered. Had assam laksa and then drove back to KL.

I was in charge of driving half of the journey and we took turns to sleep to recharge the attention span needed for driving. I was driving my friend’s car so I wasn’t really used to it so I really had to be very alert and adjust to the car. We reached safe and sound to KL and I came home at around 5pm.

So smelly and tired but I just have to upload my photos to Facebook. That’s me lor. Die die also must gaodim the photos because if I missed today, I won’t be even doing it.

It’s 9pm now…just want to wash the dishes, hang the clothes and then hit for the bedroom.

I love my friends, I love the trip, I love Sungai Lembing. And I can’t wait to go on for another adventure!


  • pelf says:


    (1) I grew up playing in Teluk Cempedak (a lot).
    (2) I had breakfast at Hai Peng Kopitiam last week, when I went to Awana Kijal (15 min north of Kemaman).
    (3) Tong Juan food is good food!
    (4) My Mum is from Sg Lembing, and we go back to Sg Lembing at least once a year to visit my (deceased) grandma and other relatives.
    (5) My cousins can run up and down Bukit Panorama like nobody’s business (and I don’t know how they bloody do it). LOL.
    (6) Call me when you plan to go to Sg Lembing next time, you can stay with me 🙂

  • Mousy says:

    Wah, nice to hear that u had a good weekend hammy!! I miss u so much suddenly! hehe..hopefully speak to u soon! take care!!

  • Grace says:

    pelf: So many similarities. Haha. If I happen to visit Sg Lembing again, I’ll get in touch with you. And thanks 🙂

    Mousy: Miss me ar? Call me lor. 😛

  • Tan says:

    i m planning to go Sg.Lembing on 20/9 during raya time. Can you explain more in details about the area there.
    1) distance and time to Sg.Lembing from Kuantan as we will stay at Kuantan relative house.
    2) What are those things/precautions need to be taken care/ bring to climb Bukit Lembing.
    3) How long to climb from foothill to tophill ?
    4) Can small kids 2 yrs old going there, any dangerous ?
    5) any food stalls at foothill.
    6) it is safe to go at 5am early morning?


  • Grace says:

    Hi Tan,

    1)It’s about an hour’s drive from Kuantan to Sg Lembing.
    2) Bring a torchlight if you are climbing Sg Lembing before sunrise because the only source of light will be your torchlight…until of course the sun rises. Water, towel and camera. 🙂
    3)Depending on your speed…if you go slow on a normal pace, I think you can reach within an hour. You will be walking on concrete staircase with railings on the side. Some parts are without stairs.
    4) You can bring small kids but if it’s dark before sunrise, you may want to take extra care. I can’t really advise you on this.
    5) The Sg Lembing market is within walking distance from the foot of the hill. After climbing down, you can have your breakfast there.
    6)5 am should be fine, just a little misty. I think it’s not going to be too quiet since you are going during Raya. You’ll have some enthusiastic climbers surrounding you.

    Hope this helps and have fun!

  • Tan says:

    tq so much for your reply.

  • Shiffon says:


    May I know where is the exact location and what’s the name for the home stay facility that you mentioned ? It costs only RM20 per person and this really make me interest to have my stay at there.

    I am going to Kuantan at this coming Friday, so hope to hear more description from you regarding the home stay.

    Thank you.


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