New Host

Hello! 🙂

This blog has moved to a new host. It survived the transition with a little hiccup. For example, I assumed the random quotes you get to see on the right sidebar would be backup as well but it’s not. However, I can still trace the list of’s just that I got to add it manually which would require time.

My countdown timer is reset so I had to dig back my previous post to remember the exact day I put on my braces…and it’s up and running again now.

My last 2 entries are gone because I exported the blog into XML format before I wrote the 2 entries but it’s fine. At least, the rest are there which is the most important thing of all. Else, I would have gone into a serious breakdown.

My blogroll links are also gone but I’ll add them back.

I would like to thank Siah for allowing me to have my blog hosted on his account for FREE throughout the years since started. Now it has grown up and should have its own burrow. Thanks again Siah, you’re the man!


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