Mini Screw…Nope!

Hello people,

I’m slightly back to normal already. Yesterday, I woke up feeling restless and cried a little on the bed. Then I told myself that’s life and I should move on. Wiped off those tears and went to work.

I woke up today and felt so much better. Went to the dentist feeling afraid though. My orthodontist and another oral surgeon attended to me. I’m meeting the surgeon for the first time because the plan for today was to insert a mini screw to my back protruding molar. But after another x-ray scan today, it wasn’t advisable to go for it so I will not have to worry about that tooth until my braces is over. Then, I might need to get dental implant and it’s not cheap.

I was researching on the Web to see if mini screw would hurt. Imagining having a hole drilled to your gums and have the screw inserted to your bones. Geli kan? And that’s practically what I’ve been thinking the whole morning. I packed lunch from the supermarket, bought nasi lemak, tuna bun and marble cake, just in case I can’t really bite if I had a mini-screw. It was some sort like a last meal for me kind of feeling. So I was very relieved when I knew I don’t have to worry about it until later, much later.

Went to the hair saloon to get my fringe cut for free. Looks much neater and cuter now. Texted a friend to see if she was free to meet up. She was, so we hang out till 11pm, sitting by the walkway, listening to the band. It was nice.

Thinking back about what made me feel so moody and tension, seems so far away now. I’m ready to take on that challenge and I know I can do it.

Someone asked if I was having hypertension? Yea maybe a little since the beginning of the week…but it’s Friday now and I’m all good. 🙂

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