This Girl Who Worries Way Too Much

My eyes are about to close. Had a long day at work and I’m just tired. I was only trying to get some sleep when it time to wake up this morning. While I was brushing my teeth, the feeling of being worried and scared are all gone, so I ask myself why do I need to put myself into unnecessary stress and torture? The answer could be…so that I’ll be suffering for one day, think until my head is about to crack, worry until my dark eye circle are getting darker and my pimples are popping out….then only I’m satisfied…or let’s say tired to worry further.

Come what may!

I’m restricting myself not to check my work email at home because when I do, I’ll end up thinking of how to solve the problem I’m having and then it screws up my entire night. Like now, I’m resisting myself. I’m not like this one lor..and I don’t know why I just have this extreme enthusiasm to work so hard.

Tonight, my mind kinda flew a bit into the future, imagining how is it like if one day I’ll be quitting my job and become a wife.

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