Things I’ve Learnt

1. You will never have it all. Not that I don’t know this already. You may have a job you dislike, but you have a understanding boss. You may have a job you like, but your superior is someone you find it hard to work with.

2. Sometimes your job expectation will change overtime…I’ve learnt that you should not believe 100% of what your employer tells/promises you when you take up the job.

3. I may suddenly take that leap of faith when I get sick of the corporate life, get married, further studies or start a business.

4. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Love will find its way.

5. You will come across gossips and rumours about a person and you have a choice to believe what you hear entirely or choose to judge the person based on your interaction and dealing with that person to have a judgement of your own .. of what kind of a person he is. The thing is that…your friends or colleagues may hate a particular person even though he/she has done no harm to you.

6. Always listen to both sides of stories because it’s only natural for a person to defend oneself even when they are at fault and sometimes the person doesn’t realise he/she is at fault and puts the blame on the other party.

7. There are many vicious people in this world. They may be smiling at you and appear friendly but you wouldn’t know what goes behind closed doors.

8. Therefore, try to protect yourself in whatever way you can, watch your words, keep a distance and look out for traps.

9. No matter how cruel or unfair the world may be, continue to be kind.

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