My First ABC in 2009

Love without talking.You’ve got to watch this!

Today is the first time in Year 2009 that I’m boiling soup for myself. I figured I must treat myself better because I’ve been eating junk lately. It’s either I don’t eat a proper meal or skip meals because thinking of what to eat has become a chore. It’s hard when you are eating alone but I don’t want that to be my excuse. So today I die die also forced and made myself to boil soup. ABC soup. One of the easiest and one of my favourite.

There are just days when it’s just so hard to motivate yourself. I find it particularly harder lately. I don’t know where has my enthusiasm gone to. I need to find it back. What I do now everyday is to dig deep within myself so that I can get that little optimism to live the day. I think I’m still not cured for whatever that happened from the past weeks. I know I can live better than this.

I made a wishlist today because I’ve been having many thoughts for the past few days which I want to put into action or want to see it unfold. Listing it down helps to give me a clear overview and how I can work into getting it done. It’s already half of 2009 and if I don’t do something substantial, 2009 is going to just slip by and it’s going to be another year wasted.

I want to at least achieve something in 2009. You go girl!


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