Getting Dirty to be Clean

1. Rise and Shine. 2 hours behind schedule.
2. Being stubborn and rebellious. Decided to read one more chapter from the new book…since I’m already behind schedule anyway.
3. Made carrot + green apple juice. Trying this combination for the first time and it tastes good! My complexion sucks lately because I was busy being sad and angry, it shows. I need more healthy food.
4. Pulled my hair back and knotted it into a ponytail. Started with mission#1 of the day: Laundry.
5. Fold clothes.
6. 2nd round of laundry.
7. Steam egg with meat. Rice. I cooked lunch today. It has been ages.
8. Wiped my shoes. They are covered with dust. Hate myself for seeing this for months and not doing anything about it. Maybe that’s why I’m attracting lots of shitty stuff lately. Threw away my favourite side works, the other is broken but I’m still keeping it for I don’t know whatever reason. Sentimentally, I like the shoes. Logically, I cannot wear it anymore. Rationally, it should go into the bin.
9. Wanted to wait for the next recycle session but the thing is when the next recycle session comes, I’d say wait till the next and the next and the next don’t see me doing anything. So I decided today is my own recycling session, I’m leaving the old newspapers outside because there would be someone collecting it. I seriously need the papers out of my house because it is such an eyesore.
10. Changed the bedsheet.
11. which then led to clearing up the mess on the bookshelf…which then led to clearing up the mess on the cupboard…and then another cupboard in my bedroom.
12. Threw many things away but my house is still loaded with stuff. WHY?
13. Vacuumed 2 rooms.
14. Writing this…because I’m getting crazy with the rate I’m going. There’s just too much to clean.
15. I’ll save this as draft and be back to update on my progress.

16. Ironing
17. Japanese cucumber as dinner. Hard to bite with my teeth though because the lower jaw is numb and painful because it is moving due to the elastics that is pushing it in a different direction. Will take oatmilk before I go to bed.
18. Oprah Winfrey show. Things I’ve learned: Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and founder of Facebook. Christian the lion is so adorable.
19. Laundry 3rd round.
20. Doing a lot of thinking.
21 Bathe, sleep. God, it’s Monday tomorrow.


  • pelf says:

    But after all the work out, don’t you feel a lil bit better yourself? I look at house chores as workouts so that it isn’t so intolerable, LOL.

  • Grace says:

    pelf: It sure does feel better. There’s something about the cleanliness or orderliness that lightens my heart. It’s been said that cleaning house helps to cure depression.

  • pelf says:

    “Cleaning house helps to cure depression”?

    I should clean my room more often, LOL.

  • nathaniel says:

    lol, can you pls clean my roomy too?

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