New Theme

Yes, you are looking at a new theme. And yes, it’s not looking purple (well, not yet!)

I liked the previous theme and I wanted to edit and add something to it but it was complicated to tweak. I don’t quite understand those codes, it came with things that I didn’t need and it’s a waste of time trying to figure which codes to keep and which codes should stay. I needed something simple, something clean to tweak on. So, I decided to start fresh again. This one seems okay…and I’ll slowly turn it purple. So, this is also one way to declutter my life online. 😛

I’ve cancelled my Friendster account too. So long, farewell.

I’m a night owl for these 2 nights. I can’t stop reading online, and now tweaking this site. It keeps me dazzle and very alive when I do changes to this blog of mine. It’s like my 2nd life. But I would have to force myself to go to bed now…or else it will never end.

I need to force myself to clean the house again tomorrow.


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