Boy Band

I can watch and repeat this video 100 times or more. Can’t get over the cool dance moves. My latest addiction – Korean boy band, Super Junior.

I’m loving my short-becoming-long hair. My fringe is getting longer too and I’m thinking of a side-weeping fringe. Will see how it goes but as of today, I love how I look.

I’m not being very very nice to a few people. Not that I don’t want to but the heart doesn’t have the capacity to do that yet. Not healed from the wound and I’m trying. I’m still nice to them but not the kind of nice I know I’m capable of. It’s the surface nice and not the in-depth nice like it used to be. I just want to protect my heart a bit. Wait till it’s stronger enough to be really really nice. For as long as I don’t choose to hate them, I think I’m ok.

With all the sick people around and the H1N1 virus flying about, aside from washing my hands when I ought to, I’m in a mood where I just want to eat what I feel like eating. Do what I want to do. Rest when I really should. Work hard like I’m so passionate about the job. I’m really taking one day at a time now because I think I’ve worried too much that there’s practically nothing to worry or I should say worrying about that bit doesn’t help since I’m going to worry about it later and still not know how I will cope with it…so I just thought I shouldn’t worry about it now and worry about it later as and when it comes.

And I want to learn to say no. It’s daunting at first because it feels like being the bad person but in order to keep myself sane, that’s the only way to go. I can’t be saying yes to all that I come across. It doesn’t matter what others think. At the end of the day, when I collapse or die, don’t think anyone would even remember or care what they used to think about me. I must treat myself better.

SJ. SuJu. Super Junior. I like.

Good night!

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