I’m surrounded by loving couples of late, more so today.

Listening to the tone and words used during a phone conversation of one of theirs makes me tickle and smile when I’m focusing on my work.

Another couple was accompanying me back to the car park just now because it was late and they were thoughtful enough to walk me to the car even though it was out of the way. They were holding hands and I was just walking next to them. As I got on to the car, I saw them walking away still holding hands. I have a bittersweet kind of feeling. It’s sweet to look at loving couples but somehow it reminds me that I’m single which is the bitter part.

Was having dinner the night before with 3 girlfriends. It used to be only 2 of the girls who are attached, leaving me and another girl being single. Now, even the girl is attached which left me the only one at the table who is single.

I shall not despair.

I’ve been there before and out of it and I know I’ll be there again but I just don’t know when.


  • pelf says:

    Hhahaha, I have also been hanging out quite frequently with a couple lately. And they remind me of a lot of things.

    They’re totally independent, seldom hold hands, they don’t look at each others’ eyes when they’re talking, they don’t laugh together. They’re a funny couple, and sometimes I wonder how they got together.

  • Grace says:

    There are many kinds of couples out there, tailor-made for each other. 🙂

    I like the ones that I’m seeing lately. Very lovey dovey.

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