I passed by a musical instrument store and I always passed by this store. Today it was different because I actually looked into the store and the first thing that I saw was a piano.

Should I or should I not?

I don’t know if I’m being impulsive this time or not so I’m going to give it a few days. I’ll go check out the price of a digital piano since there is no way that I can afford a grand piano or upright piano, which was one I used to have back home…which has then been sold to someone else since no one plays it anymore. After checking out the price, I’ll see if I am still excited about playing again. And of course, it’s the question of space at home. I think a digital piano wouldn’t take up too much space. And then it’s the question of persuading my mum. She will sure be asking me what the hell I’m doing this time around.

The reason why I actually got to learn piano is because of my mum. She would always tell me that she didn’t have the opportunity to learn stuff when she was young. So..with that, she wanted her children to learn everything they can. You name it…I went for art lessons, I went to piano lessons, I went for ballet lesson, I went for swimming lessons, I went for badminton lessons… Of all the things I learnt, ballet was the shortest because the location wasn’t really safe for the then 7-year old me. I had to climb up to the 4th floor and it can get quite dark even on broad daylight so…there goes my ballet classes which lasted probably a week or two.

I had 2 ballet suits and I wore both of them for my swimming lessons. 🙂 Cool or not? Hahaha. I loved my swimming lessons with the 2nd teacher. The 1st teacher was a nightmare.

I hated badminton lessons because the coach wanted to train me up to be so good that she loaded me with unreasonable amount of push-ups, running that I had to do…it was ridiculous. I only wanted to play for fun lor…and I was kinda forced into coming for lessons because…I also don’t know why…please ask my mum. It didn’t last long too.

I enjoyed my piano lessons when I first started but as I went to to sit for piano exams…that was when I really hated it. I’m at Grade 6 but if I were to continue to play…I won’t be going for Grade 7 or 8. I just want to play songs that I like.

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do….So Do!


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