In Point Form

1. I discovered a shocking and ugly truth. I am still recovering from it because never in a million years I would have thought this could happen….that a friend you take heart to decides to turn his/her back on you. But it’s okay. At least it has opened up my eyes and it’s time that I wake up and it’s time I stop being nice to such people.
2. I just killed a cockroach a few minutes ago. It is huge and my kitchen smells of aerosol spray now.
3. There’s a new little enthusiastic lizard in my house now and it is quite adventurous too. It appears in the kitchen and now in the living room.
4. I just made it looked like my house is a pest farm.
5. I have been very frustrated with my mid-length hair. I am going to chop it off tomorrow.
6. I thank God for showing me a true friend when I just lost one.
7. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. Saw this quote written on a sticker at the MPH bookstore cashier.
8. I am working on Hari Raya for the first time in my entire life. I have worked on Deepavali and New Year’s Day so this is new and it’s going to be memorable.
9. Everyone was looking happy and excited about the long holiday but to me, I wasn’t feeling any Raya mood because I told myself not to. I will have my days off soon. Singapore and Hong Kong, I AM COMING!!!
10. I was bored after work and spending time in the bookstore wasn’t enticing to me today. So I thought let’s go get bras. What I like about the bra shop I went to was that the lady would measure you to see if you got the right cup size and asked if you would like her to help check if it fits you perfectly. Then, teaches you how to wear a bra. Trust me, I have not known how to wear a bra correctly. She even touched on the breasts to show me how. -_- But I have learned now.
11. I am going to throw a few bad bras away tomorrow. Not because my breasts have grown tremendously but because it was never the right size to begin with and it’s time that I stop torturing myself with suffocating bras.
12. I have been adding celery as my main ingredient in juicing lately. I’ve never liked celery because of its smell. But after knowing how good celery is…I took the challenge to drink it. And you know what? It’s not too bad and I’m getting used to the taste and smell now.
13. I would like to try boiling porridge with barley and green beans. Saw this recipe from a magazine today. Barley + green bean + sweet potato….sounds good too.
14. Tomorrow is a good day to de-clutter because I can’t afford to sit down and do nothing.
15. It’s 1:19am. BED TIME.

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  • pelf says:

    Today’s a good day to de-clutter, Grace, because today is World Cleanup Day 🙂

    P/S: I said I was going to clean up my laptop, and it’s 10am now and I haven’t started. LOL.

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