I’m Glad the Holidays are OVER!

I wasn’t feeling particularly good, especially when I’m reminded that I’ll be back to the grind at work on a public holiday. There’s just something about working on holidays that makes me feel so restless. I’m glad it’s over now. Tomorrow is going to be a working day for all. I’m gonna dress up and look good tomorrow. Maybe accessorise it with a hairband. I’m a bit obsessed with hairbands lately.

There’s still one thing that bothers me and each time I want to just move on and forget about it, somebody would come along and ask me about it. I’ll then have to act like I’m okay with it, like it’s nothing… but honestly I just wished people stop asking me. I just hope that answering them would clear the air and I really want to put this behind. I’m tired of the gossips and rumours. Whatever it is, I know this too shall pass. I like these words….this too shall past.

Felt so much better after talking to a friend who has a Donald Duck voice. He was right to say that when someone puts you down, it’s the more you need to live happily, show them you are having a good life. I’m going to do just that.

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  • pelf says:

    Yes, the more somebody wants to see you dead and out, the more you should show him/her that you can be happy, no matter what 🙂

    That’s what I have learned too, in the past few months. It’s hard initially, but it’s getting easier because I realized that I just needed to “be myself”, and I am already pissing off some people. Imagine what I can do when/if I really wanted to, LOL.

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