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It’s back to the days where I’ve got to do things properly and carefully or otherwise I’ll get screwed.

Things that doesn’t kill you actually disturbs the mind of others. Like how I left my swimming suit and tee soaked in a pail and then Mummy came and made a very sarcastic remark of whether I will be soaking them for a month.

Then Pappy expects you to read his mind to know his itinerary of the day and you’ve got to be in sync with him. I’m their chauffeur for today. Picked him from Jalan Duta and I had to send them to Jalan Semarak. I was a little too confident in thinking I’ll find my way there. Got lost around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and I had to drop them off to take a cab or they’ll be late.

I don’t know what’s installed next. I’m at home, waiting for their call for their next agenda. One thing’s for sure I MUST know how to get to SS5 later in the evening for a housewarming session or I’ll really die.

I want to take a nap now..because I need the energy to deal with people later.

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