That’s my sister’s name. And that’s also the latest Korean drama I so happened to accidentally watch on KBS world, Channel 303 on Astro. It was showing the first 2 episodes and it is so awesome, I had to write about it. I was lying on the sofa to check this drama out then I went from lying to holding my pillow tightly…then from holding it tightly, to hugging it like I’m hugging someone I love…then it’s back to hugging it tightly…then I was crushing and squeezing my pillow because it was SO SWEET, I wanted to melt.

It’s action, thriller, romance, mystery packed in one. I TELL YOU LOR IT HAS BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME A DRAMA WILL BLOW ME AWAY JUST LIKE THAT. NOW I’M TYPING THIS AND WALKING AROUND THE HOUSE WHILE MAKING MY HAIR MESSY….because I can’t believe this is happening. hahaha.

Suddenly I have a goal in life. HEHE.

Now where’s my Astro programme book?

This is the OST of the drama. “Don’t Forget” by Baek Ji-young. I can’t wait to watch the following episodes.


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