The Weekend

The past keeps coming back.

Attended a wedding and the groom looked a lot like my ex. It’s weird really because I was staring at him for so long and then I had to act cool. I don’t know what’s with me and this ex. I can be all okay, like I’ve long forgotten about him but come one fine Sunday morning, as I open my eyes from a nice sleep, “bang!” he comes to my mind. Aku pun tak tahu lah….effect-nya agak mendalam.

Then, I saw a tagged photo of another ex with a girl and upon further appears that they are in a relationship. Effect ni tak mendalam sangat tapi I ada juga lah saya menganalisis dan mentafsir senario ini. Lepas tu, saya menerima hakikat dan berjalan menuju ke hadapan.

I was working on a project for the whole morning and afternoon. When you’re working on something that you are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s really a lot of work and there is so much to be done that I wished I had more time….but that wouldn’t be possible…so I’m doing whatever I can and hope this project will see the day of light as soon as possible. I’m very much excited to share with people whom I know about this but I am refraining myself from doing so because I would prefer people to see the actual thing than just me talking about it but nothing materialises.

I have so many ideas gushing to my mind, so much so that I’ve got to pen it down so that I can capture all of them. I may not be able to use all of them now, at least not all one time but I know it’ll come in handy next time. I like times like these…when I know I still have ideas because it feels like I haven’t been using my brains lately. And when I have ideas, I’ll play them in my head, imagining them one by one then I’ll be smiling to myself.

Had dinner with a girlfriend who drives all the way from very far. She’s always the one coming to look for me instead of me looking for her. Everytime we meet up every 3-4 weeks or so, she’ll definitely ask me the one million dollar question and I’ll always give her the same answer, followed by stories to further explain the situation.

“Grace, let me teach you. You must go out more, you must talk more, you must make yourself presentable. SURE CAN GET ONE!”


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