Pretty Love

I will be working late this whole week, probably the next as well. I like the peace and silence of the workplace once most of them have left. It’s me, my laptop and today I felt like listening to songs. Songs from IRIS OST. The next one I have for you is an instrumental piece and I think it’s very lovely. Makes me feel like playing the piano.

I’m actually feeling better. Not as negative as I was the past few weeks. Like I said I didn’t feel like talking at all but I’m slowly opening up myself again. I’m going to put the things that bother me behind. It’s when you’re alone and you feel like you’re not lonely that brings the good out of you. I like it that I can handle this pretty well at times.

It’s okay if my love is not here yet. I don’t want to keep thinking about it as well. It was bad the last time but I know it would be fantastic the next time. My friend told me I always look sad and then it scares people away, at least she thought it wouldn’t make her want to approach me. I think she’s right. I’ve been putting on my sad face…sometimes not sad but you can sense the sadness below it. Don’t say about the others…I know what my face shows because I know how I feel.

It’s okay and it’s necessary and it’s right to look sad when you really really feel sad..when you have a reason to be sad. But I don’t have any particular reason to be sad. I’m fine. So…it’s very very wrong to look sad when you’re not sad at all because…that’s really is sad.

So…really…I don’t know why I’m showing the world that sad face. I can turn it to a pretty one…a very pretty one by just you know..remove the sadness, smile a bit when you walk, be in touch with others…and not create a bubble to withdraw yourself from the world. I think I’ve been feeling all bad and sad in whatever way I want and I think it’s enough.

Happy people attract happy things.

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