Slowly But Surely

Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

– Albert Einstein

There is just something not right about not putting my words here before I sleep. It’s late but I can’t help it. It’s as if I am suppressing my thoughts if I don’t and I know what I put off today won’t be the same tomorrow. I wrote one last night and then I got too sleepy…and it will be a draft until I decide to publish it.

I have a dream. I have always been thinking about this dream. It seemed easy but it’s not. I like the fact that it’s difficult. I like the fact that I don’t know anything about it, how to go about it so I’m like a blank canvas. It’s up to me to colour it and I can either choose to paint a little of it and quit or I can paint it the most beautiful way as I possibly can.

Sometimes I get frustrated that I don’t get to paint it as much as I would love to. Sometimes life doesn’t let you focus 100% on the things you want. I do not want to get angry or disheartened with the fact that it would take up a longer time than I thought it would. I don’t want to give up just because it’s not materialising fast. I don’t want a half-hearted piece of work. I want to give it my all.

I visualise and dream about how my canvas would be like. I dreamt about how beautiful it would be and I still think it would be even though I don’t really know how I’m going to do that. I just figured, each time I’m lost at something, I’ll just need to learn and resolve it, get back on track and progress again. What’s so hard about that?

What thrills me is that…this is just the beginning. The journey will be long but I’m all excited about it.

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