A very long day for me but I’m alright with it because I know what I’m doing and I know it has to be done.

A good day for me too because I received compliment and my hard work is acknowledged.

I was sharing this piece of good news with someone but now I don’t feel quite awesome like I did.

Someone asked me why I’m working so hard when I’m not being paid so much. I said I’m working hard because I enjoy my work. And it’s going to be tough for this period but it’s just temporary. No matter how much I earn, it’ll always be not enough in the eyes of that someone. Honestly, I’m thankful that I’m where I am now. Maybe I’m not very talented compared to the very talented. But I surely know I’m not really that poor. I’m learning everyday as I can and I find joy in it. I’m doing things that I’m not sure if I’m able to do but I try and so far, I can still manage. Each time I manage to overcome little challenges like this, it empowers me. It is telling me I can do it and perhaps I can do even more.

Maybe I’m too idealist thinking that we work and we should enjoy our work while it pays the bill. It doesn’t necessarily have to be ¬†working something we don’t like to do but we get big money. I’m upset because that someone doesn’t understand the person that I am. If I were to work only for money, I could have done so many other things that I hate…but what’s the point?

I know there are people who work for the money and these are the same people that would always tell me not to work for the money. Get something you like to do.

I’ve always hated people who would always compare me with someone else. Comparing and telling the person how bad they are doing is not a very nice thing to do. You can tell them they are not doing a good job or they can do better but don’t compare them with others and tell them how much they suck. There’s a difference between that and it makes a huge difference.

If I were to compare myself to so many people out there, I think I’ll be a very bitter person. All I want is to compare myself in the past and to compare myself in the present and not with others.


  • gracieq says:

    I hear ya. It’s hard trying to get by life yourself without succumbing to the need to compare yourself with others, it’s ever harder when other people does the comparing for you.

    Sounds like you know how to deal with the situation. Stay strong and try not to let what other people said affects you. As long as you keep improving yourself by comparing the current you with the old you.

  • Grace says:

    Thanks Gracie. I appreciate your words of encouragement as always.

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