Back to the Real World

I really didn’t feel like going back.

I told Mummy to give me a set of her pyjamas because I wanted to wear it to sleep before I fly back today. And then, I insisted that I want to sleep with her, where Pappy usually sleeps. Pappy is away for work so I had the chance to sleep with Mummy and at the same time, smell his pillow and blanket before I fly back to KL.

你看,我的pattern 又来了啰!

The mosquitoes wanted to kiss me goodbye and they kissed me real hard at 3am but after that I continued sleeping. When I woke up, I didn’t feel like getting up. I was lingering on the bed as long as I can before Mummy who was cooking in the kitchen came to call me. Reluctantly, I got up because I know I don’t want to be late for my flight.

Packed the last minute stuff. My lunch. My dinner. And my meal for the next 2 days. Some Chinese New Year cookies for myself, colleagues and friends.

Went breakfast at my favourite stall and had my favourite kon lou mee (干捞面) for the last time until I come back again to this hometown of mine. I couldn’t finish the noodles and this never happens so I guess it’s a sign that I’m really sad to leave.

Arrived at the airport and the baggage scanning machine was out of order so I was asked to open my luggage and I thought…alright so you want to have a look at my bras and panties? Anyway, before I could lift up the luggage bag wide open, I was asked to close it again and I was like…..###%%%???.

Checked in within 5 minutes and then I spent some time with Mummy at the airport cafeteria.

It was a day filled with emotions in the airport. While I was entering the departure hall, I saw a mother in tears, hugging her daughter. My only guess is she’ll be away for further studies and the mum misses her. It is all so familiar because I’ve been there once. When I was sitting in the departure hall, another mother was in tears and she was carrying a baby girl in her arms. She was just sitting in front of me and I didn’t want to stare too long.

When I was on board the plane, the same mother who was sitting in front of me had the seat next to mine. A friend who was on the same flight as me helped her with her hand luggage. I continued to help her after that by placing her bags on the floor. It was two small bags but it was really heavy and I wonder how she could manage them with a baby in her arms. She was still seen in tears after that. There wasn’t much that I could do but I thought a little kindness would help and I said to myself I’m going to help her with her bags when we land. And I can tell you mothers who travel alone with babies are true heroes. It is not easy.

I helped her with her bag as we got down from the plane. I had wanted to carry it for her till reach the terminal but she wanted her bag back by the look of her face so I gave it back to her and in reply, she said, “Terima Kasih”.

Came home, downed 2 veggie pau which Mummy made for me yesterday and then went out to service my car, pay the management fee and then came home to unpack and do some laundry. I still have a list of endless things to do. That pile of clothes, that kitchen sink that needs to be scrub, that toilet that needs to be clean, really…that pile of clothes…the floor which has gone from clean to dusty while I was away and the work at work that I got to do tomorrow morning.

It’s just too much and it’s just endless. And because it is endless, I am just not going to stress myself out. I’m going to just give my all and when it hits the limit of the day, I’m just going to call it a day irregardless of whether I complete it or not. Why? Because even if I worked day and night and not sleep, I won’t be able to finish it given the situation I am in now. I will manage and complete it…but within a longer timeframe. Else, I’m going to be a very layu bunny and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

A few more days before the Chinese New Year ends and I’m so going to make full use of this CNY. I’m planning to catch another lion dance performance and lou another sang this weekend.


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  • pelf says:

    I had a lot of problem “getting back” to work when I returned to KT too, but I guess these are things that we would have to do. I still miss the company I had during my CNY break, and I can’t stop thinking about them 🙁

    Anyway, Grace, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Tiger!

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