A Runny Nose

It struck me out of the blue. No symptoms. In fact, when the symptoms appeared, it wasn’t a symptom anymore because I was already feeling sore at the throat and my nose were runny. Body was chilly.

Woke up in the morning and I know I’m going to sleep in and call it a day.

Slept the whole day. Amazing….and still feeling really sleepy.

Woke up today and had that little urge to skip work but I thought of my workload and then the two assistants who may need guidance or more work to be delegated from me….and then I tried to feel myself again if I could stay awake the whole day.

So I went even though I knew I looked very messy. When I’m sick, my hair looks sick too. The face….just tells me it wants to face the pillow.

Anyway, I survived and I’m off to bed now.


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