First of May

The body is still recovering. I get very tired just coughing and blowing my nose to get all the remaining phlegms out. I had wanted to just rest at home because I was feeling really lazy. But I thought I should be out there, somewhere, spending some time with Iris. I wanted to catch the movie “Ice Kacang Puppy Love” today, so that I don’t have to fight with everyone else whom I know will be watching either Ip Man 2 or Iron Man 2.

The screen was showing it as selling fast and by the time we reached the counter, it was already sold out. Great! Tried our luck with Ip Man 2 since Iron Man 2’s sessions are all selling fast like crazy. I tell you, it was like crazy!!! I was very amazed when the guy told me there’s ticket available for Ip Man 2…and it’s a middle seat towards the back of the cinema. It’s like a God-sent ticket considering the movie was about to start in 20 minutes…so I’m guessing the reservation has been released and we were lucky enough to get those seats!

I like the movie. In fact, I like Ip Man as a character very much. If only I could get a husband like him. Haha! Not because he knows kung fu but because he’s so righteous, so wise, so steady, so calm, so responsible and on top of it all, a loving family man.

After the movie, I went for a hair wash! My usual hairdresser wasn’t in today so another guy tended to me. I always like going to the saloon when I feel I’m a bit messed up or stressed. Just having someone touch your hair, wash those mess away feels like he’s putting you in your right mind again. And you know how they like to converse with you…from where you stay, where do you work, what are you working as and so on. But for the first time…he actually asked how old I am while he was rinsing away the shampoo from my hair. Ada berani.

I’ve always answered age-related questions when being asked so I told him. I didn’t ask him back though because if he was younger, I would feel like killing myself because today he look quite cute lor. hahaha.

He then asked me if I’m married. I wanted to laugh but I kept my composure. I just told him I haven’t found one yet so I’m not married. He asked me when I plan to get married. I told him… NOW. 😀

He asked me what kind of guy I’m looking for.

I just replied, “正常一点的人“。

Now it was his turn to laugh.


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