Getting Well

Sometimes you need to fall sick, recover and then start all over again…this time refreshed, healed and ready to take on the world again. My exact feelings at this point of time.

I know my cough is coming to an end with a tiny bit of phlegm left lurking around. They are evil because I will get this sudden attack where I can’t stop coughing for a good few minutes, tears coming out of my eyes, face all red and my breath goes haywire.

Got a few things fixed over the weekend. The brake light of my car on the driver’s side wasn’t working so I visited the nearest service centre, knowing it’s just going to take a change of bulb to get it working again. But what happened was as the mechanic changed the bulb, the ones that were working (left and middle) stopped working altogether. I was with no brake lights.

They said it’s because of the brakes switch so they got that fixed. What doesn’t make sense is why it just suddenly stopped functioning when the guy changed the bulb. I didn’t like the way some of the guys were looking at me and my sister as well. It’s like they’ve never seen species called “female” in their entire life. I don’t usually go to this service centre and I know very well I’m just going to stick to my usual service centre because the guys over there are kind and they are not dodgy.

Watched Shrek Forever After. It was alright but my all time favourite will always be Shrek 1.

Fixed the hair too. Cut it about one inch shorter, feels so great now. Cannot imagine myself with long hair anymore and I don’t know if that’s normal. I’m obsessed with my hair being short.

De-clutter again and more work in progress, considering the amount of clutter I’ve got.

Watched 16 episodes of Cinderella’s Stepsister..had wanted to continue watching but there’s only 16 episodes on the website out of the 20 so I’ve got to wait. It gets better towards the end with twist of events. I like.

Now…a good night’s  sleep for a fantastic tomorrow.

I love you.

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