Went to the dentist after work and he fixed 4 hooks on the front upper and lower jaw to accommodate the elastic bands that will pull it together to close the gap. It is the ugliest look I’ve ever had for the entire braces period I’m going through. Generally, when I have those elastic bands on, I can’t put any spoon through my mouth and speaking will be hard because I can’t open my mouth wide. The moment I saw it from the dentist’s mirror, I was a bit speechless. I’ll take a picture tomorrow…a bit shocked for now. Hahaha.

I don’t think I can go out like that because the moment I open my mouth, nobody is going to look at me, they will be staring at my teeth and then think to themselves, what the hell. So I will not present that nightmare and I’ll only be on those rubberbands when I sleep and when I’m not out meeting people. The process may take longer this way but I don’t want to jeopardise any chance of meeting a decent guy. If these hooks and bands were to work out smoothly by end of next month, I’ll be wearing braces for 2 years then, which is 6 months later than expected. Heh! But aku tak kisah lah…sebab dah biasa. Good things come to those who wait..AKU TUNGGU!!!

Went to Jusco Bandar Utama because it’s Jusco Day. The best part is some retail outlets were also having J Card Special sale. I like! Bought shoes….so nice. Bought a pillow at 50% discount and I’ll be sleeping on it tonight. Bought tissue. Actually many were seen buying tissue. Haha.

I want to go parade on my new shoes before bedtime. Good night!


  • pelf says:

    It’s called the headband or something right? I had to wear that too, at one point, but thank goodness I needed to wear it for only 16 hours a day, and I was in Form 6 so I didn’t have much of a social life pun lah 🙂

  • Grace says:

    It’s not the headband. It’s just adding additional hooks to my existing braces and then attaching elastic bands on those hooks. It’s ugly because there are 4 vertical lines of elastic bands on the front set of my teeth.

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