(Read in reverse order)

I’m iPhone-less at the moment because I left it in the car and Iris has taken the car so I am missing my little baby.

I’ve been feeling rather bored for the last 2 weeks and feeling very low. I was so bored, I actually cleaned up the living room, folded a mountain full of clothesI need to get out of this mud and be chirpy again.

An ex-schoolmate just added me in Facebook and looking at her photos, I got to learn that she’s a mother now. Too many weddings, too many pregnancies, too many babies, that is happening so I can’t help but feel the pinch. Mum’s also asking again, if I’m out dating. Who am I going out with? I said a bunch of girls. She asked me why. Because I just don’t happen to have a bunch of guy friends. Because the people I have worked with are mostly girls….WHY AR?? The people I work with now are mostly girls too. There are guys but they are all taken.

But I love my girl friends…

But I also wished I had guy friends to hang out with. If you were to ask me when was the last time I actually hang out with a guy, I really don’t know lor….because it seems like I’ve not gone out with someone for a hundred years. And for the record, I have been single for 2 years, the longest in history. Not sure to say if I’m impressed with that. For as long as I have my braces on, that’s how long I’ve been single.

My ex left me because I had braces, I had a new job, I cut my hair short. Maybe it’s not because of that…but it happened when I did all those things…so allow me to just ramble.


  • gracieq says:

    Silly me, I read your whole post in reverse order instead of the post title! :S

    Anyway, I’m not sure if gazillion people have told you this but I find that love pounces on you when you least expected it. Once you’ve had closure on the past and made up your mind that all you want to do is enjoy life as it is (and not even think about anything related to boys or relationships), a pleasant surprise will come along in the form of a guy who wants you as you are without asking you to change a single bit.

    I admit that parents or family does put unnecessary pressure on us to find ‘The One’ or even Mr Right Now. Explain politely to them that there is more to life than that and gently tell them that with or without a guy, you are and/or will be happy in life. Good luck with that and here’s wishing your number of guy friends increases! 😉

  • Grace says:

    Thanks Gracie. I tried reading it in reverse order. I guess it would still make sense. 😀

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