Finally a Monday That is Not Blue

Just got back from a very painful yet enjoyable foot and body massage. I had my dose of “gua sha”  (刮痧) too so my whole back from the neck to the waist is dark red in colour. It looks like I just got back from a kungfu fight! YAH!!!

I’m so going to have a good night’s sleep tonight.

I like my day off. I didn’t do any office-related work which was good. I thought about it though but quickly pushed it out of my mind.

Went to the management office, paid my bills, went to buy vegetables, went to get toiletries, surf information on yoga and I like the Yoga Journal. Loads of information so I think I’m going to pick a pose and slowly master it. I tried the “Child Pose” today. Cooked dinner: Steamed fish, Stir fry four-angle beans and carrot & sweet corn soup. This time soup is with too much water so the taste isn’t as strong and thick.

When I pick something to learn and grow on, I think I feel better and it keeps my mind off the dangerous zone, into thinking the unnecessary. So at home, it’s going to be learning yoga and cooking. At work, it’ll be learning whatever I need to learn and above all, just to be more confident.

I’m all ready to go to work tomorrow. Yee-ha!!! 😀

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