20 Crunches

I’m such a darling today!

I did my sit-up (only 20 times though) after waking up and can only stop till 20 because I’m starting to feel the pain and was running late. Tomorrow I shall increase the numbers. Cleared up some work today and I’m very pleased. Came home and went swimming. 5 laps and I was feeling tired already. There was a girl who was there earlier than me, she was already swimming non-stop like she’s never out of breath while I took 3 breaks in between the 5 laps. When I left, she was still swimming like she’s never out of breath. I’m impressed!

Cooked because it was just me tonight. I just made do with whatever I have. Leftover soup, added some vegetables and mee sua and I call it dinner.

Because I was such a darling today, I rewarded myself 2 episodes of “Bread, Love and Dreams”. Love, love, loving it!

I liked my day very much. Hope you did too.

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