40 Crunches





It’s Jay Chou on my playlist tonight.

Doubled my crunches from 20 to 40 this morning. Rasa mahu mati. Haha. Because my legs are also aching from the swimming I had last night. This is what happens when I don’t exercise often.

Received a letter that gave me another heartache. Thinking it has been solved but I don’t know why it’s back now. Made a few phone calls but I still can’t get a definite answer yet so I’ve got to wait. Lesson learnt again and again. NEVER EVER BORROW YOUR NAME TO SOMEONE FOR SOMETHING YOU DON’T OWN…NO MATTER HOW CLOSE, not even when he says he can die for you or he will love you forever. I’ve not forgiven myself yet for being so kind-hearted. I’ve learnt this lesson very well but even though I’m not repeating it ever again, I’ve got some shit to clean. One small shit which I think I can clear in due time. One big shit which is more complicated.

The good side of things…maybe it’s a good thing it is happening now and not later in life. Not like I’m very young but I think I still have the life to deal with it.

It’s Friday again tomorrow. I’m thinking of green tea ice cream with cornflakes. 🙂

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