Happy New Year!

I’ve been having so many late nights since I was in Singapore and now that the holiday is coming to an end, I don’t feel like sleeping early tonight. I’m just going to write to my heart’s content. I haven’t been writing as much as I wanted to and at times, I find that there’s nothing that I want to put in words. But I’d like to write more so that’s one to do for the new year.

The music player is playing songs from my old hard disk. I’m playing all the songs I have so I don’t know what is coming up next on my playlist and I like this so much. I’m listening to so many nice songs I’ve once enjoyed…away from the usual hits I’m listening to right now.

I spent most of the day decluttering..which is indeed liberating and easy on the eyes. This is only the beginning as there are more stuff that I want to let go. Minimalism is the keyword I’m going for so I got to think of what I’m bringing home so that I don’t contribute to the junks I already have. And while decluttering, I was also envisioning how I’d like my future house to look like and I think it’s nice to go for the minimalist look.

Okay…and now for some new year resolutions.

1. Declutter and get organized. I would like to make this a habit until it becomes a way of life. To clean as I go and not wait till it’s really really dirty. To solve things before it becomes too big to handle.

2. Learn a new language. I think you know be able to guess which one I’m going for. annyeonghaseyo! 🙂

3. Yoga in the morning. Yoga in the night.

4. Cook more often and eat well.

5. Travel to a new country. Make road trips within Malaysia.

6. Meet more people. Yes, time is running out. I’m not quite sure how I want to do this yet but I just know I need to do something.

7. Reset my vibes. Reset my channels. I keep getting the things I don’t want so it’s time I set my antenna right so that I can do with lesser nonsense. In short, to send out positive vibrations.

It starts now!


  • pelf says:

    Hey Grace, I am a huge fan of this Unclutterer ( website, I thought maybe you’d enjoy the tips and tricks too :D

    If you’re planning a road trip to the Terengganu/Kelantan, let me know, I’m sure we can work something out :D Like a 3D2N thingy or something :D

  • Grace says:

    Thanks Pelf. Will definitely let you know if I’m visiting Terengganu. Thanks for the link too.

  • pelf says:

    Oh, and don’t bother driving here, unless you have company or would like to drop by Kuantan, Kemaman, Dungun, etc. I can drive us around, I just need to know in advance whenever you’re coming :D

  • Grace says:

    Alright! Sounds good!

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