Words…and Words Are All I Have

I’m asking a lot of whys lately and how. I’m not asking my mum but I’m asking Google. 🙂

At a certain point, I think I’m overloaded with information but at the same time, I feel happy that I’m curious and I’m learning. Even though those things are very small things.

I’m learning new words too through this discovery procress. For example, rice weevils, tile grout.

I’ve not cooked rice for so long, my container of rice has got this little black bugs in it. Very annoying and I never know how they even exist in the rice container in the first place. I usually get 1KG of rice because it’s just two of us, sometimes one, sometimes we don’t even cook. This is a 5KG rice supply bought when my mum was still in KL so it is a lot and it also means there are a lot of rice weevils. I’ve taken out all that I can…shaking the container, the weevils move up and I sweep them away. But I don’t think I can clear 100% of it. And I’m not sure if I’ll die consuming those rice but I don’t like the either of throwing those rice away….so I really don’t know what I should do. In the end, I did call Mum and she said I can try putting a garlic in it. I’m not sure if it works though but I know how I should handle my rice now. JUST KEEP COOKING!!! DON’T EVER STOP!!!

I’ve never paid much attention to the tiles in my bathroom. They look ok until one fine day, I find that they are stained so bad, I didn’t like at all. No amount of scrubbing worked at first. I mean I was squatting and scrubbing every tile grout that I can see. Yesterday, I managed to cleaned it better than I did the previous times. Part of them looks white now as compared to black. I stood there admiring the whiteness last night,  I squatted admiring the whiteness just now and I told myself it’s going to be all white, slowly but surely. Lesson learnt? Clean more regularly so that I don’t have to dwell into this kind of hardcore cleaning anymore. I think I should start to wear rubber gloves and  slippers when I clean, the bathroom cleaner liquid maybe a bit too harsh for the skin.

One term I chanced upon today is debt diet. I like these 2 words.

The best word I have for myself now is SLEEP!

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