I cooked lunch and dinner today. It feels good but dawned upon me that I need to brush it up a little on the cooking skills.

When you’ve not cooked for a while, you find things that are expiring, things that actually expired and you’re still eating it. So you see, when you cook, you got to keep cooking so that you have control over your kitchen. Now, it feels like the kitchen is controlling me.

I cleaned even though I only started cleaning at 8pm. I snapped when my sister came back after being out the whole day to only hear her say she’s going out again.

Her weekends are so packed that I find it hard to breathe. Coming back late and then waking up late the next day and going out again merely after waking up, came back to bathe and out she goes again. She’s not back yet at this hour and I’m not sure whether to be worried or angry.

My weekends can be packed but will never be as packed as hers because I need a lot of me-time and when I feel the need of not meeting anyone that weekend, I block it out just for me, myself and I.

Considering that I have more free time on the weekends, I do the cleaning. But if I get into the mode of who’s cleaning more and who’s not cleaning at all, I get mad! Like today. Although I tried hard to suppress the feeling, it surfaced too. Not full- blown but enough to give out a hint. She didn’t say bye when she went out so I know she wasn’t happy too.

From now on, I’m going to take cleaning the house as my sole responsibility because I don’t want to get mad or upset or count anymore. If she cleans, it’s a bonus. I understand very well, you can’t force someone to clean, it must come from within, else it’s not real cleaning.

She’s home. Time for bed. I need patience, energy and lots of friendliness to take care of someone new tomorrow.

Second week of 2011, hello!!!


  • pelf says:

    Re the cleaning part, it’s the same with my current housemates too. I have two housemates, and one of them NEVER cleans anything. Hair in the bathroom or rubbish in the kitchen. She never sweeps or mops the floor. She just treats the house as a hotel or some sort of accommodation.

    My other housemate does all the cleaning all the time–throw the rubbish, clean the toilet, wash the bathroom walls, sweeps and mops the floor and the car porch. And when I saw that she was the only one doing it, I started doing my part.

    Some people can be inconsiderate, but I have a feeling your sister is only taking things for granted (we all do, when we were younger, right?). Not that she’s inconsiderate.

  • Grace says:

    Yes, I’m allowing her to be “young”. 🙂 She knows she has got a big sister who will take care of things. I think I can understand why we drive our mum mad too when she cleans the house. Now I try to clean as I go, not clean when it really gets too dirty. I think it’s easier to maintain tidiness and cleanliness that way.

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