Time is Hopping By Very Quickly

I cannot believe January is going to end soon and February is just a hop away!

The beginning of 2011 has been a pretty busy one for me. It feels like I’ve done so much in a month compared to many months combined in one last year. I have a long list of errands to complete and it seems never-ending. My spring cleaning project for CNY is not done yet and I doubt I can get it done completely so tomorrow I need to jot down the most important ones and do it really quickly…so that the major parts are taken care of. Some things still need to be arranged and stored nicely…but since time does not permit, I’m just going to make sure it gets stored at least so that it’s not spread on the floor.

Despite that, I’m very proud and pleased with the progress and how much I’ve done. I’ve never really had this desire and motivation to really want to spring clean the house in a big way. The previous year, I keep feeling like I’ve never put in enough effort so this year, I just want to give my house some love. The clutter took time to grow so I just told myself it takes time to declutter too so I shouldn’t feel that bad if I can’t finish it in a short time. What’s important is I keep doing it and sooner or later, I will achieve my goal.

There is one part of the dining area that has been an eye sore for me. Now I smile just looking at my dining area, every single time, for the past few days.

Tomorrow is going to be my last day of work before I go on holiday. 2 WEEKS OFF!!!

This CNY will be different because it’s my last one spent as being in the 20s. Next year, I’m going to hit the big 30, which means I seriously need to get a boyfriend/husband. More friends are not coming back to my hometown for CNY. They are either married or attached so you see…like I said..as you grow older, CNY changes. I’m going to treasure this CNY, spend quality time with my parents and friends whom I’ll get to see when I go back.

When I come back, I wanna feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. In fact, my new year resolution of learning a new language will happen after CNY. Then, it’s time to re-think if I should stay or move on to new challenges and environment. I need to be more savvy in financial planning. I just want to do things that I want to do while I still can.

I wish you a safe and happy trip home this Chinese New Year.

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  • pelf says:

    Happy Chinese New Year (again) Gracie! I wish you a pleasant flight home, a wonderful time with your family and friends, and I hope you come back refreshed and rejuvenated! We all need that kick once in a while!

    Take care!

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