Bunny Key

and so today I received my first birthday gift from someone I least expected it from…because we had a period of “not befriending each other” to “not-contacting each other” to “just-allowing-time-to-do-its-thing” (for my case) and now “a-gift-that-says-happy-birthday, can-we-be-friends-again”?

Yes, it’s bunny-related. Not that I’m complaining but I’m always getting bunny gifts. Muahaha!

A simple, cute and heart-warming gift. The bunny’s stomach has got a keychain and you can slip the keychain in or out to get your keys. Just imagine the bunny is protecting the key and only the owner, which is me, has the privilege to retrieve it. I don’t know how to explain and I’m writing in the middle of the night and I’m overdosed with Korean songs and have not since recovered from my hangover of “Best Love/Greatest Love” Korean drama….so pardon me.

And when I thought I’m the only crazy one…I heard someone humming my favourite song as of now in the office. When I left work today, I made a stop at her workstation and asked her about the drama, of which the  OST she was humming to. It’s so nice to have someone sharing something you like.

그만 자자 (Let’s get some sleep!)

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  • gracieq says:

    Take a picture of it and post it here. I’m so curious to see how it looks like!

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