The Credit Card Guy

I was walking towards the direction of the hypermarket when I detected the presence of a credit card guy. I wasn’t looking at him and wasn’t planning of looking at him, and hoping that he wasn’t looking at me and will not stop me and talk to me.

But that didn’t happen. It came to a point where I had to stop and look at him because he was already in my path.

He showed me a leaflet that says RM50 cashback then I looked back at him and he looks so familiar. It took me only 3 seconds to retrieve the image cache from my brain that this is the same guy I upgraded my credit card with.

Then, I just told him, “Didn’t I just upgrade the card with you?” “At Tropicana City Mall?”

“You still remember?” He asked. I wasn’t sure if he recognises me or not or that was just a line he uttered to cover himself.


“So are you shopping here?”

“No, I work here.”

“You don’t shop here?”

At this point of time, I was like……

so I said, “I work here so I don’t shop here”. Actually what I meant was since I’m working here 5 days a week so I wouldn’t purposely come back here to shop.”

I think he wanted to turn it into a full-fledged conversation but I didn’t quite allow it.

He asked what card did I get…I answered, I smiled and then we said our byes.

The reason why I can remember him is because of his name.


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