I can’t believe it’s going to be August soon.

I was hoping the crazy 2-weeks would end but there has been some change of events so there’s definitely another crazy week I’ll have to go through. I just feel that things are going at a pace that’s too fast for me but I’m coping.

I spent the day doing nothing particularly important. I don’t know why I’d feel guilty not doing anything productive on a weekend. My mind is telling me I should do something, like house chores, learn something, study, read something but I’ve been glued to my monitor watching this Korean drama. It feels good to just watch because it takes my mind away from all the heavy stuff. But at the same time, I’m also feeling I’m wasting my time by just watching it.

Oh please kill me already.

Today for me is just like a pause button. Wanting the world to stop spinning for awhile. Just want myself to just not think about anything and just let myself rest for awhile. However, it plays by itself occasionally when one of those heavy stuff keeps popping into my mind.

Oh please kill me again.

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