Shower Cream

We ran out of shower gel and I saw one that Mummy bought a long time ago from a warehouse sale. Unwrapped the packaging and placed it in the bathroom.

The next day my sister got to bathe first and she didn’t realise anything wrong with it.

When I bathed, I just felt weird that the shower cream wasn’t lathering….no bubbles or whatever…very moiturising..and then I looked closely at the label. It says BODY CREAM.

I was laughing to myself in the bathroom.

I’ve gone nuts.


  • gracieq says:

    ROTFL. At least you’re able to laugh at yourself. I sometimes get confused between shower cream and body cream, too! =P

  • Grace says:

    Whenever I look at the body cream now, I can’t help to think about the little shower moment it gave me.

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