The Big Fat Van and a Flying Saucer

1. I was looking for a parking space in a car park of a shopping mall and when I wanted to turn out of the junction, there was this big fat van which is blocking the way. I tooted my horn to alert her that she’s blocking my way but there is no response. No signal lights. No hand-waving. No nothing. All I needed was a sign. Obviously, she wasn’t waiting for a parking space but maybe someone she wanted to pick up. But then it was really a wrong place to stay put because there is no way a car can pass by.

Feeling angry, I just reversed my way out and exit at another junction. Perhaps I should have just stayed there and sound my horn till her eardrums break but I am just not designed to do a thing like that, even though I really wanted to.

2. Some kids threw a toy into my house. Iris was in the living room watching TV and I was in the study room, discovering the wonders of the Internet. What I heard after that was like the sound of a breaking glass. I rushed out to check if Iris is okay and I was looking high and low to find the broken thing until I found a piece of toy on the floor.

If I were an old lady and I was standing in the living room at that moment, judging by the velocity of the flying toy, I might have died in that instant if it were to hit my head.

It was dark outside and so we went nearer to the balcony to see who the culprit was. Before we got nearer to the balcony, we heard another crashing sound. They were STILL trying to throw something into the house again!

Iris shouted as loud as she could. And I could see two boys running for their lives.

Feeling unsatisfied, I walked out to investigate who they are. They were somewhere in the playground and I could just have walked up to confront them, saying, “Why did you throw toys into my house?” with a fiery look. But I am not designed to do a thing like that. I was trying to keep my cool but if I was a little angrier, I guess I would have just snapped at them.

Iris called up the security guard and notified that some stupid kids are making a nuisance.



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