What Are You Doing Here?

Customers sometimes care for you as a person.

“Grace, what did you study?”


“Then why are you here?”

“This is the first offer that came along so I just try it out first.”

“Why don’t you go back to do IT? You studied hard for so many years. You are wasting your knowledge and skills doing this.”

You know what? The new team I’m going to be in…there are two engineering graduates. I asked both of them why they are here. One has been working in a Call Centre previously and this is his second Call Centre, according to him, he loves the job. I can see that in him as well. He always come in with a big smile, a big sound of “Good Morning”. He just simply likes to talk. And he talks even better than me. That is why I always like to hear him talk, seeing how he puts his words, stringing them into proper and complete sentences, unlike mine that can go very cluttered at times, especially I’m too excited to present a case.

The other one is something like me I guess. She didn’t mention that she loved the job a lot and you can see that she’s just on a discovery, exploring what is the right fit for her.

Work is okay today. Was quite productive and there wasn’t any MD that looked for me.

I’m going to have a phone interview tomorrow, the one that was supposed to happen last week.
Good luck, Grace!


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