The phone interview that was postponed from last week to today was again postponed to tomorrow.

Perhaps it’s a good thing it is being re-scheduled yet again because I was feeling burnt out at the end of the day. Answered many calls and a lot of them are very problematic. Got ranted at. Got scolded. Being sighed at. It was too much that I was sounding very restless on the phone. Almost deflated. A customer even tested my intelligence when he asked me what to do when his buyer is not paying him the outstanding charges. Obviously, things like these are to be settled among the seller and buyer and it has got nothing to do with the carrier.

If he calls again tomorrow, I really don’t know what I’m supposed to tell him.

At times, I feel like the more I know, the lesser that I know of. I’ve been here for some time now but it still feels like I don’t have a complete grasps of everything because things are changing everyday. And not all changes are being informed to everyone which is why sometimes I’m put into daze. You would only find out when it hits you. All I do everyday is ask, ask, ask. And even that, I still don’t completely understand what’s being said. Anyway, there are times it’s better not to understand but just do it the way it is. It might be because I’m really not interested to know so much about all these shipping stuff. It’s good to know how it works and I’m not really that passionate to study all about it. I read emails that I don’t have any clue about.

Trained a new staff on how to answer calls. He was listening to my phone conversations as I answered them and then it was turn for him to answer while I listened to the phone conversations, guiding him what to say and what to do.

These guys…they are lucky. They are provided training for about a month’s long now and it’s only after a month that they are starting to take calls. When I first joined, there wasn’t anyone for me to listen to. I only had one day of intensive training and then the manager just dumped us into the sea. Sink or swim!

It was exciting and terrifying but also one of the best ways to learn. I got scolded by a customer on my first day which she later complained to my boss then, which later spoke to me rather impatiently and I was feeling very bad myself but I somehow saw it coming. So, ever since then, I knew what to do if being given the same problems again.

There were more people who attended the calls today and I acted like a traffic police. While I was answering a call, someone would come from in front and ask whether I’m engaged because she wanted to pass a call to me. So what I do is to signal the “bring it on” sign or “stop” sign.

I’m making more outgoing calls than ever. It can be quite tiring.

If you were to ask me to describe the kind of job that I would want next, I just want something that I wouldn’t need to talk on the phone for the whole day.

Sometimes, people see clearer from the outside than you do. One colleague told me that she feels I might be better if I were in a non-voice team.

While I was looking for a new person in the office just now, I went around asking the name of the new faces that I see. Not the usual thing that I would do but I’m making myself do it. One colleague introduced me to this new girl as , “Grace ialah antara Customer Service yang paling pendiam.”

Alangkah hebatnya!


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