Smoke Gets in My Eyes

If you are feeling happy today, please stop reading.

Answered the first call in the morning and I wasn’t sure whether I could survive throughout the day. It was the caller whom I argued with yesterday. Tak faham-faham lagi!

Then, another customer called again and the last call I made to her was at 3pm. Previously, I’ve talked to her several times. She’s really making a mess out of the things that have been set properly. I was explaining to her this is how it’s supposed to work. Who should pay what. But she’s insisting on something that I can’t possibly do. I go all out to contact the Singapore office as well but I was told the same thing which I later convey to the customer. She still didn’t want to accept how things are supposed to work. I gave up. So, what I did was to make the very last call to her to ask her for the very last time, what she wants now.

Then, she was blaming me for never faxing her any invoices and that really pissed me off because you have no idea how many times I’ve been faxing her those invoices manually. I faxed to her for that one last time just now, with a raging temper and invisible smoke coming out from my head. I’m running out of steam.

I was so tired talking to her that my voice started to choke like I was about to breakdown anytime.

“You’re making me very confused, you know?”

She heard me and must have felt that I was really tired of talking to her already. I don’t give a damn anymore. I wanted to say the “F” word so much today. I’m not kidding.

My lunchtime has gone haywire now. I usually go out at 1pm but it also depends whether my colleague comes back on time. Today they only went out at 12:30, thinking that I’ve got a stomach made of steel. I had to chase them out to go for lunch or I’d starve longer. Mr.Boss even said sorry to me when I was left alone in the department yesterday, handling calls all by myself when the entire office has gone out for lunch. After that I had to go out for lunch alone with no buddy to go with me. My usual buddy is outstation for some training and the fact that everyone goes out at 12 or 12:30 so there really isn’t anyone left to go out with me. So sad, right?

Today I only had lunch at 2pm. I get very irritated when I’m very hungry.

There are just too many calls with too little people to cope with. So, the standard greeting line whenever I answer a call now would sound like this, “Why is it so difficult to call you?”

“Do you know how many times I’ve been dialling this number?”

“Why your phone line like that one?”

“You all don’t want to do business already, is it?”

“Aiyoh, I’ve been calling since this morning, it is so hard to get through.”

I’m so fed up listening to all that. I know it’s hard to get through now that more people are calling. But then if you are able to get through, just tell me what you want and get to the main point straight away.

Please, please, don’t ask me why. I can only tell you that too many people are calling at the same time. And I’m sad to say that it’s going to be like that for a while before we have more people to cope with the volume.

All of us, you could just see it written on our faces. Mr.Boss kind of felt it also. He decided to have our meeting called off this afternoon so that we can go home earlier.

One more day to go tomorrow. One more day.

Now, it’s time to listen to Linkin Park’s “Faint” turned on a very high volume.


  • tim says:

    Its interesting to know that the entire call centre is empty except for one poor soul (that is you… poor you) to answer calls during lunch. That should not happen at all, especially not when the number of inbound calls is high. Shows total disregard to the customers and their business during lunch hours.

  • piggy says:

    Poor you. It’s just one of those days isn’t it? I hope that things will get better for you instead of worse until you leave the job.

  • Grace says:

    tim: It makes me feel like I’m a superwoman.

    piggy: I hope things would get better too but am afraid it’s going to be like that or worse for now.

    Whatever the case, I’m still hanging on.

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